SOAK IT to Last

The intricately woven stands of cane look great but are expensive to replace before their time. When a cane seat starts to sag with use, extra strain is put on the strands around the chair edge. It doesn't take a crystal ball to see a broken seat in the near future.

Bringing the cane seat up tight and level again will help preserve the chair. It's a simple process of soaking and drying. The material used on your furniture is a live plant- the rattan vine. It does need periodic treatments to keep it alive just like your house plants need water!
Once or twice a year is suggested. It is also suggested to avoid direct sunlight from ultraviolet rays on naturally finished wicker. It will dry out the material too quickly.

If you have one of those homes that are like a glass house, you may spray the material as often as you mist your plants.

Application:  On the Machine or hand caning the underside of the material is unfinished  ( Raw side ) Turn your chair upside down on the floor. With or without a mixture of one ounce of Glycerin found in your drug store and two quarts of water. Water by itself is fine, you just may need to do this more often. You can use a towel soaked in it and squeeze it out so it's not dripping. Lay it out on the seat for about an hour. Remove the towel and let dry- ( NOT IN THE SUN- otherwise you wasted your time) Or make a mixture in a spray bottle and spray directly a good soak.

Any other wicker: Take it outside and wash it with your hose- it will love it! if it's natural and not painted. Natural because you want the water to soak in. Painted, you are just washing off the dirt. ( DO NOT USE A POWER WASHER )

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