Webbing Replacement

Get your sagging uncomfortable seat back up like new better than before.

 Chair seating Elastic webbing Materials can not be sold for the do-it-your-self-ers. Webbing is cut to custom fit according to the size of the frame  Special tools for assembly is required to get the desired tension. Please look into shipping if you are from out of the state of NC. federal EXPRESS shipping cost will be charged for returns as well. Call 919-744-0051 for the price. Barry Benitez
If you can not bring it. Mail it to FedEx


* Furniture re-webbing for cushion support.
2 or 3-inch wide webbing with or without metal fastener ends.

* RESTORE OLD FURNITURE: This latex webbing replaces the old-style tan Pirelli webbing or jute and is sturdy enough for both indoor furniture and outdoor patio and lawn furniture.
* STURDY WEBBING: This high-quality chair webbing will not dry out or rot - When stretched across a chair frame, this webbing provides a durable firm foundation for cushions with just the right amount of give. Long-lasting effectiveness that can be used indoors and outdoors.
* PREMIUM QUALITY: Our chair webbing is made strong, sturdy, and reliable.
SPECS: Maximum Stretch 25%, Polypropylene Fibers 56%, Natural Rubber Threads 44%
Call Now 919-744-0051

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