Types of Restoration

- -- ALL Materials included except specially ordered

  • Wicker repair and its structure  
  • Wrapping, Curlicue, Bamboo root foot weave, Braids, Trim,
  • RUSH-Real or Fiber (Handwoven)
  • Danish cord (Handwoven)
  • Hong Kong Grass mat surfacing
  • Press Caning-Variety of patterns-Open, Closed, Herringbone, Radial
  • Hand Cane Look-A-Like ( Stronger than Hand original)
  • Porch rocker style SPLINT or BINDER CANE -Herringbone and cross-weave (Handwoven)
  • Custom alterations adding Wicker or Cane to any furniture (Handwoven)
  • Wood Furniture cracks or structure gluing
  • Hardware repairs
  • Lamp rewiring
  • Assembly
  • Spring Tie and Burlap with a fabric cover for cushion support (Handwoven)
  • Elastic Webbing Custom made with metal clip ends (Mildew and rot-resistant)

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have any supply of the resin PLASTIC material so if you have any plastic wicker that needs repairing, don't send me any pictures. Nor do I sell any repair material above.

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